Our sustainable & eco-responsible approaches

Discover our place in harmony with nature

Since the design of our guest rooms, we have been committed to the most eco-responsible and sustainable approach possible!

We respect the magnificent nature which surrounds us and which surprises us daily. Every day, we do everything to reduce the impact of the operation of our guesthouse onto its environment.

1/ Our efforts to save energy and resources

  • Our car park is equipped with a charging station (32A, type 2 socket) for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Automatic switch-off of exterior lights at 11:30 p.m. so as not to disturb wildlife
  • Autonomous treatment plant for wastewater
  • Improvement of the thermal and acoustic insulation of the rooms and of our entire establishment
  • Installation of LED bulbs throughout the establishment
  • Our toilets are double-flow toilets, which allows us not to exhaust the water resource
  • In-room display is in place to reduce laundry washing
  • Domestic hot water is produced by a solar water heating system, limiting the use of fossil fuels
  • This same solar system heats the water in our swimming pool
  • Rainwater harvesting for watering the vegetable garden

2/ Our approaches to limiting waste

  • We do not use plastic bottles or packaging, or disposable napkins or tablecloths
  • Tissue napkins and tablecloths
  • We provide aluminum Nespresso capsules that we take to a recycling center (aluminum being a 100% recyclable material)
  • We have set up a selective sorting system (paper and newspapers, batteries, ampoules, ink cartridges, glass and cardboard, Nespresso capsules, oil, etc.)
  • We have about twenty hens for the recovery of our bio-waste (a single hen is able to eat up to 150kg of food waste per year!)
  • Surplus organic waste is put in the compost bin (zero waste)
  • All our bathrooms are equipped with shampoo / shower gel dispensers, in order to limit individual packaging and therefore our waste.

3/ Our steps for our health & well-being

  • We promote short circuits (purchase of raw products from our neighboring producers: fish, meat, vegetables, tea, etc.)
  • We offer Ecolabel certified cosmetic products (minimal packaging made from recycled plastic, biodegradable formula)
  • We use 100% pure massage oils of natural origin
  • All our cleaning products are ecological or Ecolabel certified
  • Our toilet paper is recycled and Ecolabel
  • We favor the made in France and even more the made in “local”
  • We offer homemade, local and regional products for breakfast and dinner
  • We have planted an orchard of organic fruit trees and shrubs, from which we harvest the fruits to make homemade products
  • We grow some of the seasonal vegetables ourselves in our vegetable garden
  • We offer you honey from our own apiary (raw, unfiltered)

4/ Our future projects

  • Obtain the international environmental label “La Clef Verte”
  • Recovery of rainwater to supply toilets and washing machines
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels for solar electricity production

And you ?

Contribute with us to the protection of our environment

We invite you to participate in our process through some simple ecogestures :

  • Turn off the heating or air conditioning if you open a window
  • Turn off lights and television when you leave your room
  • Rational use of water in the bathroom
  • Leave on the floor only towels that need to be washed
  • Report any water leaks
  • Drop off your used batteries at the reception in the box provided for this purpose
  • Leave the Nespresso pods in the coffee machine so that they can be recycled

Our diagnosis Transition Écologique 2021

As part of France Relance and the ecological transition of companies, we welcomed two managers from the CCI du Lot to assess the ecological maturity of our company. We invite you to read their report below.

Our challenges

This tourist company located in Sarrazac has been welcoming its first customers since May 2021. The managers of Belgian origin own the walls and have undertaken the renovation work on this large stone building, 15 years ago, to make it guest rooms intended for a high-end clientele.

These rooms are all equipped with a bathroom, a private terrace, a swimming pool and a spa; all this in a green and calm environment which invites to pleasures, relaxation and gastronomy. The managers had a very good first summer season in 2021 and wish to develop their activity over the winter season while continuing to invest in the ecological transition (rainwater tank project and solar panels).

Our environmental performance

Score Audit Transition Ecologique
  • Low water consumption due to the presence of economical equipment such as foam taps, rain showers, economical flushing toilets, as well as by the reuse of vegetable washing water in the kitchen or the use of a heat pump to heat the swimming pool
  • Good waste sorting management:
    • Black trash can
    • Sorting bin in accordance with sorting instructions
    • Deposit of certain waste at a collection point or recycling center such as Nespresso capsules for example
    • Installation of compost for certain food waste
    • Reduction of waste by the use of reusable containers (basic products made in-house) as well as by the creation of the henhouse
  • Good regulation of heating and air conditioning thanks to a programming system respecting the optimal T ° setpoints depending on the period
  • Full use of eco-responsible cleaning products
  • Actions implemented to promote more sustainable purchasing management
  • Accessibility standards: newly renovated building
  • Energy savings thanks to the installation of efficient lighting (Led system) which has been installed and which combines quality of lighting and energy saving